Shkooks is a student led e-commerce platform that aims to disrupt the way school
textbooks are purchased. By setting up Shkooks, the founders along with the
entire team aim to merge the power of e-commerce to the process of buying
school textbooks in a manner that ensures maximum convenience to our
customers. Through the help of quality thinking and process engineering, our
company has created an innovative way through which school textbooks can be
delivered to the doorstep of the students.

With the help of our upcoming website, students will be able to place orders for
all the textbooks required for the forthcoming year with just a few clicks.
Each student will be given a seven digit code that identifies his school, class and
stream (If applicable). After the code is entered into our website, the system will
automatically display the list of all textbooks required by him/her for the ensuing
Once the package of the textbooks is displayed, students can place the order by
providing their contact details, address and choose from their desired payment

A confirmation SMS and E-mail is then sent to the student on the registered e-
mail and phone number. The package will be delivered to the student’s address

within 2 Business days after the ordered is placed.

The growth of e-commerce has completely changed our lives by adding
convenience and comforts as pre-requisites to any service. Technology has slowly
crept its way into academics with smart boards and fancy online portals with live
video recordings of each class. Today, each institution wants to position itself as
modern, digital and tech-savvy. Shkooks is a simple measure which schools can
use to leverage the power of technology by streamlining the process through
which textbooks are delivered to student in a manner that ensures reliability,
quality services and convenience

The product relieves the students from unnecessary hunting for different
textbooks at different retail outlets by providing all textbooks as a package
under a single window
 Use of our website saves time and efforts of the students and their parents
since the books are home-delivered by our company.
 The Students can choose from their desired payment option of Credit Card,
Debit Card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery.
 The Students get free home delivery as the cost of delivery to the student’s
address is borne by our company.

By tying up with our company, the school can ensure availability of all
textbooks to the students much before classes begin for the new academic
 By tying up with our company since the launch of our product, your
esteemed organization becomes one of the first institutions in the country
to provide free home delivery of school textbooks to its students using the
e-commerce channel.
 No major online retailer has a team dedicated to cater to the market of
school textbooks in the way which we do.
 A dedicated relationship manager is appointed to resolve all queries of our
partner schools related to our services.
 Since we are an e-commerce platform with little overheads cost, Our
Company can provide higher monetary incentives to our partner schools
than traditional offline retailers